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  1. Jagannath Puri 2018


  1. Angarsk, Russia, January 2018
  2. Irkutsk, Russia, January 2018
  3. Program in Ulan-Ude January 2018
  4. Sochi, Russia(January 15th-16th 2018)
  5. Without the Chanting of the Holy Names All Other Devotional Activities Will Falldown
  6. English Vyasa Puja Book 2018
  7. Russian Vyasa Puja Book 2018
  8. Vyasa Puja Celebration at the Planet of the Cows Farm Project, Omsk, Russia 2018
  9. Deity Worship at Home
  10. Budenovka Festival 2018, Russia
  11. Krasnoyarsk Temple Visit 2018, Russia
  12. South India 2018 Part 1
  13. South India 2018 Part 2


  1. Sometimes during kirtan, we hear it a bit frequently; some devotees tend to glorify ‘Radha Radha Radha’ or ‘Vrindavan me Radhe Radhe Radhe’ and so on. This song is very popular amongst devotees, we also hear devotees sing similar types of mantras during kirtan. Please could you give some light on this?
  2. Should one go on pilgrimage or should one stay and do service in one’s area? Will that be sufficient?
  3. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur’s Appearance Day
  4. Does the tilak marking on the forehead have a meaning?
  5. Is it true that Krishna will respond only if we pray to Srila Prabhupada?
  6. How do we deal with different types of people?
  7. Srila Haridas Thakur was chanting japa for more than 20 hours every day. Was that his specific service?
  8. Regarding the question of trustworthiness, that implies someone being trustworthy to someone else. It occurred to me, we have the example of the drunk doctor who gave very good advice to Srila Prabhupada if I’m not mistaken, to take morning walks. He certainly wasn’t self-controlled and yet in that specific way he was trustworthy. Conversely we’ve seen examples of very advanced devotees who are very fixed who may not have given the perfect ideal advice in terms of material considerations about a career or marriage or health etc. and so could you kindly speak a few words on this?
  9. Based on the passage below from the teachings of Lord Caitanya, following in the footsteps of Rupa and Sanatana Goswamis, what kind of rituals or prayers can devotees do to help remove obstacles that are obstructing their engagement in devotional service?
  10. Regarding association with devotees, we look forward to it. Sometimes due to politics, back biting or fault finding, devotee’s comment saying they feel so miserable. They compare with the outside people feeling that the outside people are better. Please comment.
  11. Sacred Street Party, Newcastle, UK
  12. Interview on Spice FM by Dr Anand, Newcastle, UK
  13. Chanting to 10000 people at the Newcastle Pride Parade, UK
  14. If you have a personal problem with a specific person and you cannot forgive that person, how does this affect your path to Krishna consciousness?
  15. Does Luck Exist?
  16. Could you please tell us how to keep distributing books enthusiastically? Sometimes we stop distributing because we lose our enthusiasm.
  17. Vyasa Puja Address 2017
  18. There is a craze for kirtan mela around the world. How do you see this rise in chanting the holy name?
  19. The Month of Damodar
  20. Only Devotional Service Attracts the Lord’s Attention
  21. Himalayas 2017(Rishikesh, Joshimath, Badrinath, Mana)
  22. Govardhan Hill/Surya Kund/Paita/Varshana/Villages of the Asta Sakhis 2017
  23. Hare Krishna Maha Mantra Bliss at Govardhan Hill
  24. What It Takes to Become Exalted(With Lithuanian Translation)


  1. Padayatra Lithuania 2012
  2. India Pilgrimage 2014(Nandagram/Vrindavan)
  3. Codes for Spiritual Advancement in Kali Yuga
  4. In memory of His Holiness Krishna das Maharaja
  5. Srila Bhakti Caitanya Swami’s Pranam Mantras
  6. 2012 Vyasa Puja Offerings from Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
  7. 2015 Vyasa Puja Offerings from South Africa
  8. 2009 Vyasa Puja Offerings
  9. 2016 Vyasa Puja Offerings from South Africa
  10. 2016 Vyasa Puja Offerings from the UK
  11. Vyasa Puja Address 2016
  12. 51st Anniversary of Srila Prabhupada’s Arrival in America
  13. Raising Our Krishna Conscious Standards
  14. Steadiness in Krishna Consciousness
  15. The Krishna Consciousness Movement
  16. Developing and Attraction for Lord Krishna
  17. The Glories of Srila Prabhupada
  18. Sukadev Goswami’s Glorification of Lord Krishna 1
  19. Sukadev Goswami’s Glorification of Lord Krishna 2
  20. True Happiness


  1. Jaya Radha Madhava
  2. Message to HG Madhumangala Prabhu
  3. How do you get over anger towards someone who leaves your spirit uneasy?
  4. How do you cleanse your spirit from past experiences that left you hurt?
  5. How do you resist temptation?
  6. Baltics Vaisnava Summer Festival 2015
  7. Durban Festival of Chariots 2014
  8. At Govardhan Hill 2013
  9. Another Dimension Ukraine Television Interview
  10. In the nectar of devotion the different levels of devotional service are described, from sadhana bhakti to prema bhakti. Does a devotee have to come to the levels of bhava bhakti and prema bhakti in order to go back to godhead in this lifetime?
  11. Sannyasa Initiation of Dhirasanta Das Goswami and Bhakti Swarup Caitanya Swami
  12. Radha Golokananda’s Boat Festival 2015


  1. Hearing Purely


  1. The Ten Offences Day 1
  2. The Ten Offences, Day 1 Continued
  3. The Ten Offences, Day 2, Durban, South Africa
  4. The Ten Offences, Day 3
  5. The Ten Offences, Day 4(final day)
  6. Churning of the Milk Ocean


  1. Women and Faithfulness
  2. The Subtleties of Chanting Hare Krishna
  3. The Himalayas
  4. Lessons From Lord Vamana
  5. Lord Venkatesvara
  6. Understanding What Is Good And What Is Bad


  1. H.H Bhakti Caitanya Swami visits Mauritius from 06/12/10 to 18/12/10
  2. Report from Isvara Puri das
  3. The past few months
  4. The past few months continued
  5. This is the FSB building, the KGB! We should move!
  6. Update from East Siberia
  7. Second Pranam Mantra for Guru Maharaja
  8. The past few weeks
  9. GBC Mid Term 2011
  10. For the pleasure of the devotees we present a new offering, Vrindavan: The Playground of God


  1. Apurvatam
  2. Believe it or not my nose almost stopped functioning
  3. Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama
  4. The “crime”
  5. Ogo-ogo
  6. Clearing Confusion About Narayana Maharaja’s relationship with Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON
  7. Durban Ratha Yatra
  8. Visit to Port Elizabeth, South Africa, by Gauranga Das
  9. A bit of a cliff hanger
  10. Report by Caitanya Prema das
  11. West Siberian tour
  12. Photos from Novokuznetsk
  13. Appearance of Jagganatha
  14. Pandava-nirjala Ekadasi
  15. Phoenix Ratha Yatra
  16. Retreat at Lake Baikal
  17. How to bind Krsna
  18. The temperature was approaching 50
  19. Report from Krishna Carana prabhu of our tour of NW Russia with Dhirashanta prabhu
  20. My mother
  21. Srila Prabhupada is my real parent
  22. Soweto Ratha Yatra
  23. Caramel with whipped cream and nuts
  24. We were in front of Balaji for two or three minutes


  1. At one point I got a little carried away and dived…
  2. Crying out for more in the intensity of the flying kirtana
  3. Transcription of a class I gave in Kaunas Vedic Cultural Centre on January 13 2009
  4. Plee-moot! Plee-moot! Pleeee-moooot!!
  5. Installation of the Deities Sri Sri Radha Gopala
  6. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 1
  7. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 2
  8. When someone calls out the names of Nitai and Caitanya, Krsna prema comes looking for him
  9. Demons in Vrndavana – part 3
  10. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 4
  11. A Class I gave in Mauritius on February 5th about kanishtha adhikaris and madhyama adhikaris, based on Srimad Bhagavatam 11.2.46
  12. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 5
  13. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 6
  14. A class I gave in Mayapur on the Appearance Day of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura
  15. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 7
  16. A joke on the attempt by the western governments to solve the financial problem that are there now
  17. GBC meetings
  18. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 8
  19. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 9
  20. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 10
  21. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 11
  22. Grab the Nectar
  23. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 12
  24. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 13
  25. Demons in Vrndavana – Part 14
  26. Lord Nityananda’s childhood
  27. Navadvipa Dhama Parikrama
  28. Guru Maharaja’s qualities by Isvara Puri dasa
  29. Report from Caitanya Carana prabhu of my visit to Durban, South Africa 29th March to 1st April
  30. No rest for the wicked!
  31. On gavarit po Russkie
  32. I swam in it, and almost froze completely
  33. Kartika parikramas
  34. Vyasa Puja 2009
  35. There was a big bottle there!
  36. Class on Bhagavad Gita 9.22, given in Tomsk, Siberia on 29/5/09.
  37. Vyasa puja of Indradyumna Swami Maharaja
  38. A very enthusiastic team of mosquitoes
  39. Reminder Offerings: His Holiness Srila Bhakti Caitanya Swami Maharaja’s Vyasa Puja 2009
  40. The feelings of Lord Jagannatha during Ratha Yatra
  41. Visit to the Volga region
  42. Baltic Summer Festival 2009
  43. World Holy Name Week
  44. Vyasa Puja 2009 offerings
  45. But you’re black!
  46. SB 11.5.35 on September 9th 2009
  47. WHAT DO YOU WANT???!!!
  48. Puri/Mayapur/Vrindavana parikrama
  49. Guru Retreat
  50. Importance of devotee association
  51. Puri parikrama
  52. Puri parikrama report from Avadhutacandra prabhu
  53. Vrindavan parkrama
  54. South Peacock Festival


  1. Some nectar!
  2. Report from Caitanya Carana for the period 18th December till 23rd December 2007
  3. Report from Caitanya Carana for the period 24th December till 31st December 2007
  4. Report from Caitanya Carana for the period 1st January 2008 till 6th January 2008
  5. Lessons from the Teachings of Lord Caitanya – Part 1
  6. Lessons from the Teachings of Lord Caitanya – Part 2
  7. Lessons from the Teachings of Lord Caitanya – Part 3
  8. Get off the road!!! Get out of here!!!
  9. Lessons from the Teachings of Lord Caitanya – Part 4
  10. Lessons from the Teachings of Lord Caitanya – Part 5
  11. Report from Malati Manjari dd about my programmes from January 22-24
  12. ISKCON is always full of surprises!
  13. Bet you’re surprised to see me here, right?
  14. You’re just a bleeding heart liberal!
  15. Questions & answers, Port Elizabeth
  16. It was the best festival we have had
  17. Bhakti Visrambha Madhava Maharaja’s class at the Sannyasa Initiation Ceremony of Bhakti Nrsinga Maharaja
  18. The glories of Lord Balaram
  19. Vyasa Puja of HH Kadamba Kanana Swami
  20. 28 March 2008 – 08 April 2008
  21. 09 April 2008 – 20 April 2008
  22. 26 April 2008 – 02 May 2008
  23. 03 May 2008 – 07 May 2008
  24. 08 May 2008 – 12 May 2008
  25. A report from Caitanya Prema das from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, in Russia
  26. Lecture given on the Appearance Day of Lord Nrisimhadev (SB 7.3.15-16) Krasnoyarsk, May 19th, 2008
  27. New Syamavan
  28. I was afraid they might attack me
  29. Phoenix Ratha Yatra – 04 July 2008 – 06 July 2008
  30. 07 July 2008 – 09 July 2008
  31. 10 July 2008 – 14 July 2008
  32. Questions and answers
  33. Srimad Bhagavatam 10.62.10
  34. I was almost touching the roof of the tent!
  35. Vyasa Puja 2008 address
  36. 13 August 2008 – 15 August 2008
  37. Lecture by H.H Niranjana Swami Maharaj at the Baltics Regional Festival, July 27th, 2008
  38. Lithuanian Birthday party
  39. 01 September 2008 – 04 September 2008
  40. 4th annual festival in Angarsk
  41. 19 September 2008 – 22 September 2008
  42. 2008 Vrindavana parikrama schedule change
  43. Krinitsa Festival in Russia by Dayala Nitai das, Kazan, Russia
  44. Vraja Mandala Parikrama – by Avadhutacandra prabhu
  45. Vraja Mandala parikrama – by Syamarani devi dasi
  46. Day 2 – 6th November, Unchagaon and Varsana Dham – by Syamarani devi dasi
  47. Day 3 – 7th November, Nandagram – by Syamarani devi dasi
  48. Day 4 – 8th November, Govardhan – by Syamarani devi dasi
  49. Day 5 – 9th November, Vrindavan Town – by Syamarani devi dasi
  50. Day 6 – 10th November, Badrinatha Japa Retreat – by Syamarani devi dasi
  51. Day 7 – 11th November, Mathura – by Syamarani devi dasi
  52. Vraja Mandala Parikrama (part 2)- by Avadhutacandra prabhu
  53. Mauritius visit by Gandharvika dasi
  54. Day 8 – 12 November, Gokul – by Syamarani dd
  55. Day 9 – 13 November, Kedarnath Japa Retreat – by Syamarani devi dasi
  56. Day 10 – 14 November, Vrindavana Town – by Syamarani devi dasi
  57. Day 11 – 15 November, Radha Kund, Shyama Kund & Surya Kund – by Syamarani devi dasi
  58. Day 12 – 16 November, Kadamba Kandi – by Syamarani devi dasi
  59. Day 13 – 17 November, Kamyavana – by Syamarani devi dasi
  60. Day 14 – 18 November, Raam Ghat, Chir Ghat and Others – by Syamarani devi dasi
  61. Day 15 – 19 November, Maan Sarovara, Bhandiravan, Syamavan, Baelvan, boat ride across Yamuna – by Syamarani devi dasi
  62. Day 16 – 20 November, Govardhan Parikrama No.2 – by Syamarani devi dasi
  63. Day 17 – 21 November, Karauli, Jaipur (Day 1) – The Amazing Race – by Syamarani devi dasi
  64. Day 18 – 22 November, Jaipur Town (Day 2) – by Syamarani devi dasi
  65. Day 19 – 23 November, Jaipur (Day 3) – Our Perfect Leader – by Syamarani devi dasi


  1. I was reminded of the descriptions of Lord Caitanya in the Rathayatra in Jagannatha Puri…
  2. One of them butted me in the chin…
  3. Nimai’s Little Puppy
  4. They were really rocking!
  5. The whole way she was dancing in ecstasy in her childish way.
  6. It was the first time I had seen such an event on my programme!
  7. This chanting is so powerful you must be over 18 to try it!
  8. You’ve been in Ermelo too long then!
  9. It was raining flutes!
  10. Getting and Giving Good Association
  11. My Class about Lord Balarama on His Appearance Day in Angarsk, Siberia
  12. So with his danda he banged on my hand
  13. Sri Sri Dayal Nitai Saci Suta
  14. The preaching has to go on
  15. This is a transcript of a class I gave in a house programme the day before Radhastami a few days ago
  16. A Report from Caitanya Carana das about my activities while in Durban, South Africa recently
  17. What were you doing, Srila Prabhupada?
  18. What is the Russian word for torture
  19. A report by Caitanya Carana das
  20. A report of my recent pilgrimage to Vraja Mandala
  21. Caitanya Caritamrta class given on 11 November 2007
  22. My visit to Durban during Govardhana Puja
  23. Caitanya Carana’s diary from November 11-14
  24. The completion of the report of my visit to Durban in November
  25. Quite an experience!
  26. New years eve program at New Jagganatha Puri, Phoenix, South Africa


  1. Retreat at Alpine Heat resort in Drakensburg, 45 minutes from Bergville, South Africa
  2. There were about 200 food preparations I had to taste…
  3. We went from one type of torture to another every few minutes
  4. He then invited me to come and stay as a guest, and I came a few days later and moved in, never to leave.
  5. One of the men was jumping so wildly that his dhoti fell off!
  6. I had to go out in it to take my cold bucket bath at the hand pump at about 3.30am
  7. I think some of the devotees were going to forcibly eject him if he didn’t…


  1. Sri Vrindavana Dham – part 1
  2. Sri Vrindavana Dham – part 2
  3. Sri Vrindavana Dham – part 3


  1. We can’t enjoy easily in this material world
  2. Every Wednesday the whole community gets together for a 3 hour maha kirtana together
  3. There were hundreds of nondevotees around, many in various states of drunken disarray
  4. This is serious austerity!
  5. He would film in secret
  6. although some of the devotees were elderly ladies they did also the whole parikrama, barefoot
  7. HH Bhakti Caitanya Swami Maharaj Visits Mauritius