What should I consider before accepting a mentor?

Before accepting a mentor, mentees should contemplate their involvement in the mentoring process. This should include the following considerations:

  • Am I willing, and able, to regularly attend and participate in fortnightly meetings?
  • Do I have a genuine desire to take spiritual life seriously and the sincerity and willingness to accept the guidance of a mentor?
  • What aspects of my spiritual life am I hoping to improve?

What to consider when selecting a mentor?

When selecting a mentor, it would be beneficial if the following aspects are considered. The mentor should be:

  • Attracted to Krishna, an attraction that should include kirtan, chanting, deity worship, preaching and serving Krishna in a devotional
  • A person with greater experience and
  • Someone whom you can
  • A person who is happy to help you to develop skills and knowledge, and able to share knowledge and experience openly and


You might also want to consider geographical distance as a criterion for your choice. However, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, most of the fortnightly meetings will have to take place online for the foreseeable future.  A husband and wife should preferably belong to the same mentor group; however, if either the husband or wife does not feel comfortable taking guidance from the mentor, he/she may receive regular one-on-one guidance from another mentor of their choice. Mentors of the opposite gender will not be permitted.