There are a number of things we can say about that. First thing I would say is that if you want to maintain your enthusiasm in Krishna consciousness in general or book distribution, particularly, or anything particularly. If you want to keep your enthusiasm and not just keep it but increase it then you, we, you, we must maintain good sadhana. You know what that means? Particularly a good Krishna conscious morning program, where you get up early, you take a bath and then you chant seriously on your beads. Preferably, I mean very much preferably, at least 16 rounds. So you do that and then you read a little bit from one of Srila Prabhupada’s books.

So if you do this simple thing, get up early, take a bath, chant seriously and then read Srila Prabhupada’s books maybe for say half an hour or at least for some time, or more if you can. Then, devotees, listen to me, you will maintain your enthusiasm, actually your enthusiasm will increase. We guarantee it. We will give you a written guarantee. And if it doesn’t work we will give you your money back (laughter). We don’t take any money. Seriously, we know it works, we really really really know that it works. We do not believe that it works. We know it works. Prabhupada sometimes would be asked “What do you believe?” and sometimes Prabhupada would reply we do not believe anything, we know. And this point we know, we know, that if you get up early and have a nice morning program and really absorb yourself like that then you will be fixed in Krishna consciousness, you will be very inspired, enthusiastic, very focused, and whatever you want to do in Krishna consciousness, distribute books, or anything whatever it may be, you will be able to do it very nicely.

I’ll give you a second suggestion on top of this one. Not as an alternative, but in addition. Here you go, listen to this. If you want to remain inspired for distributing books, Srila Prabhupada’s books, then associate regularly with devotees who are very advanced book distributors. Really, on top of getting up early and so on, what we said. On top of that, if you don’t do that, the getting up early and the chanting bit, if you don’t do that, even if you associate with advanced distributors it will not be so easy and sometimes you may not be able to do it because you just won’t have that internal strength. But if you do have a good morning program and associate with serious book distributors, oh , you will become an empowered book distributor.
You know in my early days in Krishna consciousness I was in England, 40 odd years ago, and we had a slogan, we were distributing books, every day, EVERYDAY, all day, and we had a motto or a slogan, for inspiration. Listen to this one also devotees “A hundred a day keeps maya away”. What do you think of that? It means if you distribute a hundred books a day maya will not be able to touch you. This is another one I can tell you, it’s just true. If you can distribute a hundred books in a day you will just feel ecstatic.

So have a good morning program and associate with advanced book distributors. If you are lady, if you are in a female material body, in Mauritius, you’re very fortunate. Because in Mauritius here, there is one, at least, but there is a few, very advanced book distributors who are ladies. Headed by Mother Satyabhama, she stays in Radha Golokananda temple. And notice I didn’t say Phoenix temple I said Radha Golokananda temple. So yes, she’s very advanced book distributor. If you’re a lady, maybe even if you’re a man too but particularly if you’re a lady, try to associate with her and by her influence and association you will become empowered to distribute books.

(Transcribed from a questions and answers session in Mahebourgh, Mauritius on 12-12-2015)

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