Dear devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Guru Maharaja. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Guru Maharaja arrived at the Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam Airport in Mauritius on the 26th of November at  10.00 AM.  He went directly to Harideva prabhu and Manasi Ganga mataji’s residence where he stays during his Mauritius visits. A group of matajis under the expert guidance of Manasi Ganga mataji prepared a huge feast of Mauritian specialities: Kiroj (vegetarian fish), green papaya salad, Dahl Puri, Channa Puri and a sweet made from Loki cooked in milk Kunti (Manasi Ganga mataji’s daugher who is only 10 years old) prepared a refreshing Grapefruit Granita.

In the evening Guru Maharaja gave a seminar on “Getting and Giving Good and Bad Association” at Hare Krishna Land, Phoenix.  Many devotees came from the Krishna Balarama Mandir and the temple room was
full.  One of the reasons that the Mauritian devotees particularly appreciate Guru Maharaja’s seminars and lectures is because he speaks slowly and clearly so even if English is not their first language they understand him well.  Guru Maharaja explained that he usually gives this seminar over 4 days but due to lack of time he would compress it into 2: the first evening would be spent discussing getting and giving good association and the next evening would be dedicated to bad association. The men and ladies had alternate chances to give examples of personalities whose life was changed by good association.  Guru Maharaja pointed out that most of the personalities we discussed had a change of heart because they received Narada Muni’s transcendental association. The next evening the examples were of those who had become degraded by bad association. Guru Maharaja’s classes were lively with humour and interesting examples.

Gurudev led kirtan for the nine o’clock arti and the devotees sang along blissfully.

The following day several devotees attended guru-puja and Srimad- bhagavatam class at Haridev prabhu’s home.  After class Vidura prabhu informed Maharaja that there had been a terrorist attack in Mumbai,
including at the airport where Maharaja had passed through the previous day. Gurudeva commented, “oh! I escaped.” Everyone was served breakfast while Guru Maharaja honoured a huge plate of litchis plucked
from the tree in the garden!  Guru Maharaja loves litchis and for dessert at lunchtime Kunti made a delicious Litchi Granita.

After lunch, devotees took Guru Maharaja for a japa walk at the Black River Gorges. He enjoyed the walk and was amused that a dog, eager for the devotees’ association, followed the group all the way up the
spectacular valley and back again.  Guru Maharaja wanted to go for a swim but by the time he reached Tamarind Bay it was raining heavily. He waited for half an hour but the rain persisted. The day ended with
the second day of seminar.

The following day, 28th November, Guru Maharaja had us leave for the airport at 6.30 AM, 4 hours before his flight to have his seat changed to a window seat. So we arrived at the airport early but Gurudev’s seat had already been changed to a window seat! everyone was happy to have some extra association and mercy so we happily chanted along with Gurudev from 7 AM to 9AM in the airport. One devotee took a short nap
while we chanted and Gurudev compassionately told her, “that’s ok, I can understand.”

The devotees were sad that Gurudev had to leave us but happy because he would be back on the 10th of December for 9 days.

your servant,


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