January 22nd in Siauliai

22 of January there was an evening of Indian culture in Siauliai. About 80 people came. Girls were dancing Indian dances, singing Indian bhajans.

Maharaja gave a lecture, which was so inspirational. After the lecture there was a slide show about George Harrison. As a culmination , there was an amazing kirtana led by Maharaja, which inspired all the guests to dance.

They were fascinated by this unusual evening, especially by Maharaja’s kirtan and slide show about George Harrison. In the end, before guests were leaving, they got sweets and samosas. Everybody was very happy.

January 23rd in Kaunas

When we arrived in Kaunas, after lunch bhakta Alius took interview from Guru Maharaj. At the Kaunas temple that evening, there was a lecture also. The next day all those devotees who were in the temple that morning, were very happy, because they had an opportunity to chant japa with Bhakti Caitanya Swami. After Guru puja everybody were listening the lecture. At 12 pm, Guru Maharaj went to Kelme and took prasadam there.

January 24th in Kelme

In Kelme at 5 pm in a hall in a music school, there was an open program for all people who are interested in Indian culture. Girls were dancing Indian dances, and afterwards Guru Maharaj gave a lecture on Bhagavad Gita 18.65, stressing that Krishna consciousness is a deep culture, including music, dance and theatre. When the lecture was over, people were giving a lot of questions and after all the parts of program, there was a big kirtan which was led by Bhakti Caitanya Swami and during the kirtan devotees were giving sweets for all the people.

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